Vision and Mission

Literature and practice continue to support the connection between leadership and service. The summer 2016 book, New Directions for Student Leadership, specifically focuses on the intersection of leadership and service, and the combination of these two processes is consistent with the SLS’s approach to leadership development—it is not about being in a leader position, but developing of lifestyle of service for impact.


  • vision

    Our Vision

    The Department of Student Leadership and Service is recognized for students who shape a socially just world through lifelong leadership and service in their communities.


    • mission

      Our Mission

      The Department of Student Leadership and Service engages students in experiential, high-impact learning opportunities on and off campus. Our purpose is to cultivate personal and social growth by developing active citizenship and impactful leadership. More specifically, we help students develop core competencies such as problem-solving, collaboration, communication, self-management, and civic responsibility, while increasing their awareness of self and others, their understanding of complex social challenges, and their ability to engage with their campus and communities.



      Leadership involves individual choices through social actions to positively impact moments that matter. Leaders understand all moments matter!

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