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Exchange Leaders

Exchange Leaders- Open to upper-class students, The Exchange Leaders create programming and off-campus experiences that are centered around specific social issues such as poverty, hunger and homeless. Exchange Leaders will pioneer Glocal Experiences, Homelessness Awareness Week Sleep Out Challenge, and the Tampa Exchange Program. 

The Leadership Exchange- a program where students from the University of Tampa and Kennesaw State University focus on social issues utilizing the 17 Global Goals (https://www.globalgoals.org/). We will also take our joint trip to Washington D.C during Spring Break!

Homelessness Awareness Week Sleep Out Challenge- The annual HAW Sleep Out Challenge is the culminating event for HAW. The Challenge participants will spend a night on Marietta's campus to raise awareness for homelessness. You can choose one of three sleeping options: inside your car, inside a simulated Red Cross shelter (in the KSU Marietta Ballroom), or - the ultimate challenge - sleeping outside.

Glocal Experience- Once per semester, students will get to enjoy a day or two experiencing a local social issue! This year will spend a night at the Georgia Aquarium and repeat a similar experience in the Spring! 

Students will also get to explore networking opportunities with our Regional Center for Expertise ( https://rcega.org/) Greater Atlanta Mentoring program and connect with other college/universities doing work around the sustainable development goals.

Program Requirements:

  • Attend Advanced Leader League Trainings
  • Year requirement (May-May)
  • Tampa Exchange Program 
  • Glocal Experience
  • Sleep Out Challenge 
  • RCE Youth Network Involvement 

Exchange Leaders flyer