Exciting New Advanced Leader League Group!



Exchange Leaders

The Exchange Leaders will create programming and off-campus experiences that are centered around specific social issues such as poverty, hunger, and homelessness, equality and justice and so much more! Students will participate in, pioneer, and plan:

The Virtual Leadership Exchange- a program where students from the University of Tampa and Kennesaw State University focuses on social issues utilizing the 17 Global Goals (https://www.globalgoals.org/).

Homelessness Awareness Week Sleep Out Challenge- The annual HAW Sleep Out Challenge is the culminating event for HAW. The Challenge participants will spend a night on Marietta's campus to raise awareness for homelessness. You can choose one of three sleeping options: inside your car, inside a simulated Red Cross shelter (in the KSU Marietta Ballroom), or - the ultimate challenge - sleeping outside.

Students will also get to explore networking opportunities with our Regional Center for Expertise ( https://rcega.org/) Greater Atlanta Mentoring program and connect with other college/universities doing work around the sustainable development goals.

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  • Attend Advanced Leader League Trainings in May and January
  • Year requirement (May-May)
  • Tampa Exchange Program
  • Atlanta Regional Center for Expertise (RCE) involvement