Engaged Owl Leaders

 What is the Engaged Owl Leaders Program?

EOL Spring 2019 group

  • Engaged Owl Leaders (EOL) is a semester-long experience designed for first and second year students interested in making friends, personal growth, and getting involved at KSU. The program introduces you to leadership through meaningful discussions, activities, community service, and a leadership development weekend.
  • There are many advantages of being an Engaged Owl Leader. Some advantages include:

    • Build friendships with other students
    • Strengthen your leadership abilities
    • Learn about yourself and the KSU community
    • Prepare you for future involvement opportunities at KSU, such as, Advanced Leaders, Resident Assistant, Ignition and Flight Crew Leader, Student Government Association, Registered Student Organizations, and more!
  • Commitment and engagement throughout the semester is critical in order to have an enriching experience. Therefore, it is REQUIRED that participants attend the leadership development weekend and ALL sessions for the full 2 hour time period. 

    The Leadership Development Weekend will take place on Friday, January 31 & Saturday, February 1. Attendance both days is MANDATORY for consideration for the EOL program
    Three sessions will be offered during the Spring 2020 semester:

    • Mondays 3:30PM-5:30PM
    • Wednesdays 5PM-7PM
    • Fridays 2PM-4PM

    All sessions will take place on the Kennesaw campus. Participants will be assigned one day & time and will remain with the same group throughout the entire semester. EOL will begin in February and will conclude in April.  

    Applications are due by 11:45PM Saturday, February 1, 2020.  Session days/times will be announced Sunday, February 2, 2020. 

Click here to apply for Spring 2020! 


Engaged Owl Leaders Coordinators

EOL Coordinators 18-19

  • As one of the SLS's Advanced Leadership programs, EOL Coordinators play a vital role in creating a welcoming and inclusive community where EOL participants feel comfortable and confident in developing their individual leadership skills in a group setting. Coordinators serve as mentors and role models for participants and facilitate weekly sessions on a variety of leadership topics.
  • The goals of the Engaged Owl Leaders program are to assist participants in developing a personal philosophy of leadership, increasing self-awareness, and leaving a positive legacy at KSU. Coordinators will be assigned a specific day and time that their EOL session will take place.

    Responsibilities include:

    • Serve as a mentor, with other student coordinators, for a group of approximately 15 students.
    • Market the program and recruit for participants.
    • Plan, facilitate, and attend an overnight, weekend leadership development experience in the fall and spring semesters.
    • Plan and facilitate weekly sessions with co-coordinators.
    • Attend weekly planning meetings with co-coordinators.
    • Attend monthly meetings with all coordinators and advisor.
    • Attend all Coordinator and ALL training sessions.
    • Serve as a positive role model in and outside the EOL sessions by acting in a respectful and ethical manner.
    • Manage time effectively by showing up on time and being present during all training sessions and EOL group sessions.
    • Communicate regularly with advisor and co-coordinators.
  • Applications for EOL Coordinators are included in the Advanced Leader application process.

    Recommendation forms should also be submitted for the EOL Coordinator positions.


  •  Join Today!

    By joining the Engaged Owl Leaders family, you are making a commitment to becoming a better leader and role model for the KSU community. By the time the program ends, you will feel more comfortable and confident in leading your peers inside and outside of the classroom and make lasting friendships along the way.
  • Spring 2020 Sessions

    Three sessions will be offered during the Spring 2020 semester, all on the Kennesaw Campus:

    • Mondays 3:30PM-5:30PM

    • Wednesdays 5PM-7PM
    • Fridays 2PM-4PM
  •  Contact

    Program Contact:

    Karen Boettler