EOL Coordinator

Led by our Engaged Owl Leaders Coordinators!

EOL Coordinators facilitate leadership development sessions and provide a community for EOL participants in a small group setting. The EOL Coordinator time commitment is for a full calendar year. The recruitment period for EOL Coordinators will be available in the Spring semester.

    • EOL Coordinators must be KSU Sophomores, juniors or seniors in a good academic standing with a minimum 2.5 GPA. Students must fill out an online application, have recommendation filled out on their behalf, and participate in group and individual interviews.
    • Students must successfully complete training before they begin their work as an EOL Coordinator. Required time commitments include an intensive retreat and training in May, virtual training during the summer and a refresher in fall before classes start.
    • EOL Coordinators should expect to spend approximately 3 hours per week between class and other responsibilities. There is one required group meeting per month as well as monthly one on ones with the Program Manager.
    • EOL Participants are required to attend the leadership bootcamp and ALL sessions for the full 2-
      hour time period.
    • Past participation in EOL is preferred.
    • Serve as a mentor, with other student coordinators, for a group of approximately 15 students.
    • Market the program and recruit for participants.
    • Plan, facilitate, and attend an overnight, weekend leadership development experience in the fall and spring semesters.
    • Plan and facilitate weekly sessions with co-coordinators.
    • Attend weekly planning meetings with co-coordinators.
    • Attend monthly meetings with all coordinators and advisor.
    • Attend all Coordinator and ALL training sessions.
    • Serve as a positive role model in and outside the EOL sessions by acting in a respectful and ethical manner.
    • Manage time effectively by showing up on time and being present during all training sessions and EOL group
    • Communicate regularly with advisor and co-coordinators.

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Engaged Owl Leaders Participants


EOL is a semester-long experience designed for first (freshman) and second (sophomore) year students interested in personal growth, friendship, and leadership development. The program introduces you to leadership through an off-campus overnight leadership development weekend, meaningful discussions, and activities.

  • There are many advantages of being an Engaged Owl Leader. Some advantages include:

    • Build friendships with other students
    • Strengthen your leadership abilities
    • Learn about yourself and the KSU community
    • Prepare you for future involvement opportunities at KSU, such as, Advanced Leaders, Resident Assistant, Ignition and Flight Crew Leader, Student Government Association, Registered Student Organizations, and more!
  • Commitment and engagement throughout the semester is critical in order to have an enriching experience. Therefore, it is REQUIRED that participants attend the leadership development weekend and ALL sessions for the full 2 hour time period. 

    • Leadership Bootcamp
    • 10 Week Leadership Sessions

    ***All sessions will take place on the Kennesaw campus. Participants will be assigned one day & time and will remain with the same group throughout the entire semester.

Applications for Engaged Owl Leaders Opening Soon! 

The Engaged Owl Leaders (EOL) Program is a 10 week experiential adventure where students will get connected to campus, build lasting relationships with peers, and work on leadership skills to propel them to the next stages in their KSU experience. 

If you wish to learn more please reach out to the Program Coordinator at sbrinkl1@kennesaw.edu.