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Peer Leaders 19-20

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What is the Peer Leading Program?

  • Research shows that peers can positively impact First-Year students. Working closely with new students both inside and outside the classroom, student-leaders can spur educational achievement and positively shape the interpersonal experiences of their campus colleagues.

  • The SLS's Peer Leading program places experienced sophomores, juniors and seniors into
    First-year Seminars with faculty partners to help first-year students in their transition into
    college. This program provides KSU student leaders—often nominated by a faculty member—an invaluable opportunity to serve students during their college transition while polishing their own leadership and coaching skills.

    Peer Leaders serve to:

    • Support student success by connecting peers with resources, opportunities, and events on campus
    • Empower students to strategically plan and act on their short and long term goals
    • Help students bridge the gap between curricular (in-class) and co-curricular (out-of-class) experiences for a more cohesive and meaningful education
  • As a result of serving as a Peer Leader, students will:

    • Develop transferrable skills for their personal and professional future
    • Enhance communication skills
    • Collaborate and form positive relationships with students, staff and faculty

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    By joining the Peer Leading family, you can help First-Year students while connecting them with everything KSU has to offer. Make a difference in the life of your fellow Owls and become a positive role model both inside and outside the classroom.
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    Program Manager:

    Karen Boettler,


  • Research tells us that the first year is a crucial time for college students and that
    additional support is imperative for their retention and progression. Research also
    demonstrates that peer groups have a tremendous impact on college students so the
    Peer Leading program uses that influence to help students in their transition.

  • Peer Leaders must be KSU Sophomores, Juniors or Seniors in a good academic
    standing with a minimum 2.5 GPA. Students must fill out an online application, have two
    recommendations filled out on their behalf, and participate in group and individual
    interviews. Once selected, students must successfully complete training before they
    begin their work as a Peer Leader.
  • First-Year students served by a Peer Leader have a fellow student who is an additional,
    knowledgeable resource to help them start off their college career successfully. Peer
    Leaders’ primary focus is to connect students to campus outside of class. They will
    assist each student in setting goals and connecting with campus resources.
  • There are no costs associated with being a Peer Leader.
  • Peer Leaders are not paid but they can earn volunteer credit hours for their service.
  • Required time commitments include an intensive retreat and training in May, virtual
    training during the Summer and a refresher in Fall before classes start. Peer Leaders
    should expect to spend approximately 3 hours per week between class and other
    responsibilities. There is one required group meeting per month as well as monthly one
    on ones with the Program Manager.
  • The commitment is a full CALENDAR year. After selection in mid-late Spring semester,
    the role begins in May with a retreat and training. Virtual training and preparation
    responsibilities will continue throughout the summer. Actual service with First-Year
    students will continue through the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Our first preference is for a faculty member to identify a student they would like to be
    their Peer Leader for the Fall semester and encourage them to apply. That candidate
    will need to go through an application and interview process and if they are selected,
    they are then paired up with the recommending professor. However, students do not
    have to be recommended by a specific professor to be a Peer Leader. There are a
    variety of factors considered--type of seminar the Peer Leader took, class and work
    schedules, interests and personality.
  • Yes, there will be an intensive retreat and training in May, virtual training during the
    Summer and a refresher in Fall before classes start.
  • One of the major responsibilities of Peer Leaders is conducting one-on-ones with their
    students. In addition, Peer Leaders are expected to send their students weekly email
    updates, following up with students after one-on-ones, attend Peer Leader trainings and
    meetings, and meet with their faculty partner on a regular basis. Peer Leaders are also
    expected to provide feedback and assistance in the improvement of the program and the
    recruitment of new Peer Leaders.