Community Partners

Partner with Us

The Department of Student Leadership and Service is honored and grateful to partner with our many wonderful Community Partners to serve the needs of our surrounding communities. We are happy to connect Community Partners with our KSU students/faculty/staff/alumni who are seeking the opportunity to serve and engage with their surrounding community. We currently have over 300 organizations that utilize our VKSU volunteer management site to post volunteer opportunities online for our students. 

Service opportunities should meet the following criteria. 

  • Date(s) of service for which you are seeking volunteers should fall during periods of time when students are currently enrolled in classes (e.g. not during Fall Break, Spring Break, Winter Break, Administrative Closings, Summer break, etc.) For a complete list of KSU administrative closings/breaks/etc. please click HERE.
  • Date(s) of service should not be during the university's official exam period. For exam dates, click HERE.
  • The specific duties that student volunteers will be fulfilling must be communicated to SLS explicitly. Should the actual volunteer duties performed differ from those communicated to SLS, SLS has the right to remove your agency/organization/department from soliciting for any future volunteers through the VKSU/Get Connected system. 
  • Service requests should not place student volunteers in harm's way, or expose them to drug/alcohol consumption. 
  • Service requests should not utilize KSU volunteers to sell items or collect money for an agency or institution. 
  • The Department of Student Leadership and Service is committed to providing a safe and productive environment for our students whether they are on campus or in the community. Therefore, volunteer opportunities posted to the VKSU website must be open to all students regardless of their race, age, creed, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender, mental/physical ability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression. Any opportunity that does not meet this requirement will be excluded from the site.